It has proved that practising Qigong and meditation, can decrease stress and tension; de-clutter the body and mind; increase creativity and productivity; improve immune system and memories, so much more.

Candle Qigong can teach you some basic and effective techniques which will help you to enter the meditative mode and a peaceful life in a noisy world. It helps with relaxation, stamina and mental health. You’ll see life shifts before your eyes.

Lessons can be booked using the phone number provided or through email.


Stage one: —declutter the body and mind

At this stage, we concentrate on detoxing the body and mind.

I’ll guide you into a deep state of relaxation by applying some traditional Chinese Qigong method such as ‘Ru Jing Fa’, ‘letting go’, ‘body washing’…

It is vital to detox our body and mind, we’ve been collected, unawarely (some we cannot see, some doesn’t belong to us), through the years. When we let go, our body and mind will be lighter and clearer, our body and mind will perform better which will allow us to live a healthy and happy life.

Stage two: Who we are

At this stage we learn who we are. While we are doing different exercises I’ll explain how our body and mind works.

We learn that we are unlimited, we are one with the universe. We’ll appreciate of our selves and life in a deeper level.

Our awareness expands more and more, which enables us to live accordingly, and achieve whatever we want in a natural, healthy and effortless way.

Stage three: The highest wisdom

It is the time your subconscious mind accepts the idea and searches for true happiness.

You’ll start to attract positive things or people into your life. Your being will radiates the kind, peaceful and loving frequency.

You allow things happen around us, accepting things and forgiving things much better. You learn to be quiet, giving and tender.