Candle Qigong has three golden rules: posture, breathing and smile.

By focusing on these rules in a deep and continues matter, we’ll be able to feel grounded, secure and develop love of self. Everything else will naturally fall into place. We apply different breathing techniques, glance at our inner-self from different angles and stretch our physical body and mental states through graceful movements. This enables us to expand our awareness and feel uplifted in life.

Everything has a natural way. If we choose to go against our natural way, we’ll steer away from our natural state which are health, wealth and happiness.

Candle Qigong helps to put our body and mind in their perfect order and put us in our natural state by making deep connection to our natural selves. Our main problem is we have lost the connection to ourselves. The more connected we are the happier we’ll be.

Three Treasures

We come to this world, everything has intelligently and successfully stored inside us. Candle Qigong is the bridge to meet our natural selves which brings the best side of ourselves out into the physical world. We condition our body and mind to work together to achieve our heart desire.

People will get to know our true nature, by glancing on the different aspect of our three treasures (mind, body and heart)’. Learn their personality, attitude and true purpose.

Our mind is in a survival mode, looking at the past and future but our heart searches for happiness and fulfilment. Our body is an innocent provider, a victim being used by the busy mind.

In Candle Qigong we’ll learn that we are brilliant and learn to love ourselves more and more, appreciate life then we’ll move on our dreams.

The power of awareness

The lessons widen our awareness. We are magnificent, powerful, unlimited beings that ever lived on the planet. We’ll feel blessed and grateful for who we are and we learn we can created anything if we can imagine it.

Many of us have sadly lost this imagination power through years of society training: “Be realistic!”

Through sessions we retrain this muscle for we’ll be lead there in the sprite world then we’ll meet in the physical world. This is how this world works. We first give the thing we want life in our energy field then we’ll be able to have it in the five senses world.

In Chinese culture, the highest achievement has always been ‘Tian Ren He Yi’. This means ‘we become one with the universe’ and that is our aim to order whatever our heart desires from the universe.