The Royal Road to Happiness the-royal-road-to-happiness-william-george-jordan-1Download Map Transcription On this channel, we are going to share some fundamental messages. In a way, we try to find happiness in life because many people lost in this world because there are so much things around us. Because many people are lost in this world. Messages are throwing us a task. People … Continue reading The Royal Road to Happiness

Into The Gentle Dragon’s Den: An Interview with Tai Chi Instructor Chris Lewis

Chris told me a story when I first met him. Three Young Adults, around 16-years-old, wear their trousers low, below their waist. They are walking beside the lake, laughing. They stop when they see an old man, Chris Lewis, with white hair is moving his body slowly and gracefully. Tai chi. The boys believe that … Continue reading Into The Gentle Dragon’s Den: An Interview with Tai Chi Instructor Chris Lewis

Meditate Like A Qigong Master! — Seasonal Sage

Hi, I have found this blog page by Seasonal Sage. I recommend having a read and watching the youtube video! Controlling your breathing is an important part of Qigong and can be done through meditation. I recommend this breathing pattern for people who are new to meditation. 3, 4, 5. That is: breath in for … Continue reading Meditate Like A Qigong Master! — Seasonal Sage

Affirmations and Gratifications

Introduction Affirmations are positive words that reinforce good behaviour, such as love, patience, gentleness. Below, I will suggest some words for this exercise but feel free to make up your own. Affirmation and gratification conditions our subconscious mind. It changes our belief system. Raises our self-esteem. Encourages us to appreciate ourselves, life and the world.   Once our mind takes in the positive reinforcement gained from affirmation, we begin to feel grateful which … Continue reading Affirmations and Gratifications

Dan Tian

Have you heard this, some top leaders go to the deep mountains or forests searching for their perfect market strategies? Think about how marketing methods are forever updating in a rapid speed, could be found in a mountain or a forest where there is no internet? Because these people understand all the answers are in ourselves. The Lower Dan Tian.