Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Lily Junor, I come from China and came to UK in 2006 and my mother tongue is Mandarin. Sometimes I still find it challenging to communicate with new vocabulary, but I have a top valuable message that I need to share.

I grow up in a country side in China. When I was 9 years old, I fell ill and food became my worst energy, even the smell of it would put me off completely. My parents took me to see all the local doctors, though they used all the their savings and borrowed all the money they could think of, but no one could tell what was wrong with me.

Auntie Qiao, my mum’s oldest sister, she practised Qigong and she wanted to help me. She took me to Nan Jing with her, her dad was a Qigong master, master Qi, he passed away very peacefully, just last year, at age 103. I remember he always wore white loose clothes.

He smiled when he saw me, sitting quietly beside my bed. His voice was soothing, soft and calm.

I see a happy and healthy child who wants to play, that is exactly what we’re going to do.

I tried to sit up but I could not. He encouraged me to stay in bed. He went away and came back with a box of very good looking porcelain bottles inside it. He took out a bottle and opened its cork and said,

I’m going to take the illness inside you and put it in this bottle. Lying down comfortably and close your eyes. I’ll take things away from you please allow them leave, do as I say, so we can go out and play.

I closed my eyes, I felt my top head heated up. He touched my forehead, smoothed my eyebrows and said was to take my worries away. I heard bottle corks opened and shut, one by one.

I don’t know if I truly physically visited so many lovely places with him and my auntie Qiao, or just in my mind, they took me to places, where no illness, no pain, no suffer; but tall trees, butterflies, cranes, mountains, deer, friendly tigers, waterfalls, swans…

Then I was standing like a tree in the forest, and flying like a bird and walking like a bear. I stayed with them for a whole year my mum told me and returned back home, for a period of time, I still visited these places in my mind. They told me I should always practised what they had taught me.

I do some of the practises I’ve learned from them when life is tough but I don’t do much when life is smooth.

I always wanted to know who I am, what makes us tick. I spent thousands and thousands pounds to study with the world experts, like Tony Robbins, like Bob Proctor, for more than 10 years I believed it’s the mind. It counts, but it wasn’t the core.

Once I suffered from neck and shoulder pain. I have never been one to take medicine, but the pain was so bad that I had to cave and take painkillers. This left me with a lightheaded and drowsy feeling, it was like having a head-cold. My 7-year-old daughter, asked me:

‘How does the medicine know where to go?’

I remembered Qigong. I missed the calmness I discovered along the way; feeling my body and mind were following a rhythm. After giving my daughter a long cuddle, well she pushed me away, I started my Qigong exercise. Everything falls into their proper lines. I was I, pain was pain…

When I see people suffer, I thought I knew exactly what to do to live a natural, effortless, happy life, with no pain, no suffer –physically and mentally. Qigong is the key to the scientific of man.