Through reading books on human and my own experiences that I believe there are four different departments in each of us—soul or super conscious mind, subconscious mind, conscious mind or simply say mind, and the physical body.

The soul, knowing that we’re unlimited, knowing that we have the highest faculty built inside us, and we’re living in an unlimited world. For us, nothing is impossible, so it simply wants more from us, it wants us to improve, to grow.

We have a subconscious mind, it does exactly what our mind tells it to do, it doesn’t judge, and it is very powerful, it works like magic, whatever the mind orders it to do, it’ll go to the universe and get it. And the universe doesn’t ask any question just simply deliver it to us the exact thing our subconscious mind asked it to deliver.

If you want to know more about the subconscious mind read The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I’ll share some comments on the book soon.

The mind constantly compares, looking forwards, backwards and everyone else, for survival; what we get from looking out there? Worries, fears, doubts. Many of us aren’t aware but we pass on the negative feelings to the subconscious mind, and it react on it and searches for the similarities which causes us more worries, fears, doubts.

Can you see it’s a trap, a negative cycle, like a downward swirl pool. 

The body remains here and now. It is a container of all— Soul’s home, subconscious mind stays and mind’s protector. 

Can you see their connection? Soul nags the mind for more, subconscious mind gathers what the mind asks, mind goes out all the time searching for a quick fix, short sighted, and body begs for our attention.

The connection is the mind.

The soul’s natural state is peaceful, healthy, loving and prosper. If there’s one thing for the mind to do is, stay calm and listen quietly, to see what the soul wants next, if the mind is smart enough, it should react on the soul’s requirement, then true success will happen again and again.

The soul is crystal clear on why we are here, what to do next, how to get there where our high purpose lie in this life.

Our true challenge is really calming down, reach our soul, then we’ll be guided, no mistake, no suffer but clarity and happiness.

If you need any help with calming yourself down, I can help with Candle Qigong. 

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