Meditate Like A Qigong Master! — Seasonal Sage

Hi, I have found this blog page by Seasonal Sage. I recommend having a read and watching the youtube video! Controlling your breathing is an important part of Qigong and can be done through meditation.

I recommend this breathing pattern for people who are new to meditation. 3, 4, 5. That is:

  • breath in for 3 seconds
  • hold in for 4 seconds
  • breath out for 5 seconds

Meditation has lots of benefits that you should consider, even if you are not practasing Qigong. Health Professionals recommend meditation—also known as mindfulness—for:

  • anxiety,
  • stress,
  • insomnia (trouble sleeping.

Just to name a few examples. But it has so much more to offer. We’ll be able to truly free ourselves to learn who we really are.

Try it, and don’t worry if you struggle at first, you will get the idea! Practise makes perfect. Just keep trying.


Seasonal Sage

For years I have struggled to sit still and to get my mind to focus on my breathing. I would stay there for about a second and then my mind would wander off to my new goals. It is something I persisted with because I know how good it is for you and it’s one […]

Meditate Like A Qigong Master! — Seasonal Sage

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