Affirmations and Gratifications


Affirmations are positive words that reinforce good behaviour, such as love, patience, gentleness. Below, I will suggest some words for this exercise but feel free to make up your own.

Affirmation and gratification conditions our subconscious mind. It changes our belief system. Raises our self-esteem. Encourages us to appreciate ourselves, life and the world.  

Once our mind takes in the positive reinforcement gained from affirmation, we begin to feel grateful which helps us to sync with the universe and achieveour desires.

Inhale love…there are no bad people, only happy people and sad people.

Exhale love, and spread love to those around you, blessing the good and kind people. Wish good things for them.

Feel sorry for the people who are mean to others and try to hurt others, for they are hurting. 

For those people, I love you, I love you, I love you, I hope all the best for you…

Where to start?

First, you must breathe. Inhale and exhale deeply to and from your lower dan tian(LD)—a place three inches away from your bellybutton. 

Inhale calm to your LD and exhale to spread the calm all over your body. Now your body radiates, shimmery with calm.

Let it light up the room or further light up your city, country, continent. Cross the ocean to China. Light up the whole planet if you want.

I breathe intensely and smoothly, knowing that everything will sort itself out.

Inhale calm exhale calm…I’m calm, I’m calm, I’m calm…

Inhale forgiving… exhale. Keep inhaling and exhaling:

  • kindness…
  • caring…
  • gentleness…
  • peace…
  • patient…

I’m standing tall. relaxed, knowing that I have got everything within my LD, all I need to do is breathe from there. It’ll give me all the methods, I breathe in calm, and breathe out fear, anger, agitation. I’m calm, I’m calm, I’m calm.

I free rooms in me so my Qi (life force) can flow around me freely. I’m so calm, relaxed, quiet, I can hear all the sound that my heart whispers to me and my universe provides or guides me which direction to go and get it.

Lily stands strong in black Qigong clothes, surrounded by trees. Clouds behind her.

Thank you, life

I feel wonderful that I have the ability to see all the wonderful colours: red, yellow, blue; all the colours of the rainbow. I see the unlimited sky with its gentle clouds and birds that roam free. The green grass that supports the tall tree. Thank you, eyes, I love you.

I feel wonderful that I have the ability to hear all the wonderful sounds. I can hear children playing, a kettle singing, the wind whistling. Thank you ears, I love you.

I feel wonderful that I have the ability to taste. I can taste the sweet air, the salty sea, the spicy food. Thank you taste bud, I love you.

I feel wonderful that I have the ability to smell, I can smell cooked delicious roast meals, the various fragrance of flowers, the earthy rain water. Thank you nose, I love you.

I feel grateful that I have the ability to feel and touch. I can feel the soft grass, the fluffy pet, the smooth pavement. Thank you hands, feet, nerves, I love you.

I feel grateful that I have the ability to:

  • speak, 
  • think, 
  • move
  • swim 
  • sing
  • climb, 
  • create

Thank you, universe, for giving me so many abilities. I love you body, you are so loyal and flexible. I’ll nourish you by breathing from LD, standing tall, straight and relaxed, keeping a genuine smile…

Thank you, universe, for creating me as a human not a tree that cannot go anywhere; not a polar bear that has to search for food miles and miles with uncertainty. Thank you earth, thank you moon, thank you stars.

Before you go

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5 thoughts on “Affirmations and Gratifications

  1. I am delighted that I found your blog. It’s wonderful. I feel your sincere gratitude shining through this post and it felt beautiful to read. This is such a beautiful outlook on life and way to live. I do live like this most days. Sometimes I forget to live this way and then i read something like this and it brings me back to the right path. Thanks for sharing Lily.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Seasonal Sage for your kind feedback. I agree, to remind ourselves what we’ve got is the way to have a happy, healthy and meaningful life:-)

      I read your website and glanced your blogs, very inspiring! I’m going to reblog a few if you don’t mind 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Candle Qigong. You are very welcome I am glad you found my article useful and inspiring. That is great feedback. Aw that would be lovely. I am delighted that you want to reblog a few of them Thank you so much.


      1. Hi thanks for you lovely compliment. Yes it is lovely to meet like minded people and I am glad that we have connected. I’m sorry for my late reply however I am going through a move at the moment. I am very happy and grateful to meet you here too. Please bare with me as I will be updating more regularly and reading your blog and others more frequently as soon I move 🙂


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