Dan Tian

Introducing Dan Tian

Have you heard this, some top leaders go to the deep mountains or forests searching for their perfect market strategies?

Think about how marketing methods are forever updating in a rapid speed, could be found in a mountain or a forest where there is no internet? Because these people understand all the answers are in ourselves. The Lower Dan Tian.

Let us start with one of the most important topics: Dan Tian. When we talk about Dan Tian, normally we talk about Lower Dan Tian (LD). LD is everything.

LD is located three inches below our bellybutton, it is a field. Nourish this field, make it as strong and prosperous as possible, and our life will blossom the way we wish.

The Lower Dan is our bank account, our foundation, our universe. Our true wisdom, higher selves, natural selves are all living there. And our natural selves are calm, joyful and prosperious.

Connect to the Lower Dan

First, we create a comfortable room between the nose and LD to allow air passes freely.

When we breathe in Qi, (life force) to our LD, we count to three, feeling the LD raises, hold for four and breathe out for five, in a gentle and smooth manner. In this way, we can store more Qi there, it’ll divid to wherever the body needs the most, physically and mentally, while balancing and keeping the body running.

Our Lower Dan helps us to stay alive. It keeps all the systems running: organs, blood, joints… If we get worried or sad, it’ll weaken certain organs. LD give its support to these organs, so we’ll use more essence.

From above two paragraphs, can you see how we waste a lot of our essence by keeping lending essence to other part of the body if we don’t give the body what it needs?

Lower Dan breathing is vital, it’ll condition our subconscious mind to search for the resource to match our higher selves and put us at the moment, because our body is here and now all the time. It is simple but it is not easy for our mind as it has a habit to wonder out our body.

Now, whenever you have time, pay attention to your breath—quiet the mind, relax the body, giving yourself time, feeling the LD raise and drop gently and slowly until the LD breathing becomes a habit for you. then you’ll see life is pure joy!

Before you go…

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