The Story of Lily Junor— Founder of Candle Qigong


I’m Lily Junor and I founded Candle Qigong in February, 2019.

I moved from China to the UK in 2006. I still find it challenging to communicate and learn new vocabulary. And, of course, there is nothing more complicated than the British—who very rarely say what they mean! 😉

I’ve never stopped learning who we really are. It is mostly about the mind. I’ve found that we always know what is the best for us but we can’t seem to bring ourselves to do the thing; which means most of us are lacking of strong will power; in Qigong terms, it means a lot of us don’t have a healthy and balanced kidney.

For me, I don’t get stuck much in life, because I know Qigong can clear out all my troubles.

When I see people suffer, physically or mentally, I want to use Qigong to help them. Qigong is the key to unlock all the wonderful doors in life. I want to teach people to harmonise with themselves and the universe.

Where did the story begin?

I grew up in a country side in China. When I was 9 years old, I fell ill and food became my worst enemy. My parents took me to see all the local doctors, but no one could tell what was wrong with me. Soon I was left paralysed with no meat to my bones.

Auntie Qi, my mum’s oldest half sister, took me to meet her dad, Great Uncle Qi—a Qigong master. He had a house at the bottom of Tai Mountain, Shan Dong province. It is a very quiet place, lovely trees, plants and flowers were filled their careful designed yard.

He had a box with him that contained a variety of porcelain bottles with beautiful designs: dragons, animals, trees. I particularly liked the cherry tree one.

I tried to sit up but I could not. He encouraged me to stay in bed. He took out a bottle and opened its cork and said:

Lie down comfortably and close your eyes. I’m going to take the illness away from you and put it in this bottle.

An unexpected change…

I closed my eyes, I felt my top head heated up. He touched my forehead, caressed my eyebrows.

You’re good now. You are healthy now.

A pre-teen girl sits on a wall, flexing muscles
Lily’s daughter.

His voice was soothing, reassuring, he said he was next to take my doubt away that I needed to trust his words, I did. Then he took all my worries away, I heard bottle corks opened and shut; one by one.

I felt my body and mind were getting lighter and lighter; at last, I was free.

I could jump. Dance. Play. I could go anywhere I wanted. Not too different to my little girl now.

Is it a dream?

I don’t know if I actually visited so many places with Uncle Qi, or just in my head, he took me to places, where no illness, no pain, no suffer; but cherry trees, peach trees, pear trees, butterflies, birds, mountains, deers, waterfalls, swans…

I remember I was standing like a tree many times, flying like a bird, walking like a bear, stretching like a tiger. I stayed with uncle and auntie Qi for over a year and I was completely recovered from whatever. Uncle Qi told me that always remembering to use Qigong and it would help me in life in all situations.

I do some of the Qigong practices when life is tough; without fail, it always smooths out my life.

The beginning of Candle Qigong

pre-teen girl in mid-air
Lily’s energetic daughter.
Taken by John Anderton

I know for many people meditation is quite challenging, they find they can’t sit quiet for long; and now more and more people start to realise that meditation is number one key to allow them to make a meaningful relationship with themselves and others.

Now life is busy and people are trained on the go all the time. Qigong is the bridge to bring people from rushing to slow, from slow to stop, from stop to heavenly quietness, from total quietness insightfulness rises—loving, understanding and knowing, which is the reason why I have started Candle Qigong.

Qigong can bring back the lost relaxation that we need to feel refreshed and energetic. Children are hyper and active when they are young. So full of life. But as they get older, they start to slow down, while also trying to keep up with the fast pacing of the world. The energy sucked from them for lack of refreshment.

Candle Qigong aims to bring that energy back.

Before you go…

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