Welcome to Candle Qigong

Welcome to our first blog post. In these posts, we’ll discover who we really are! We expand our awareness to help us to pay more attention to our breathing, posture and heart desires. We learn how to only contact the positive and beautiful things in the world. Enabling an exciting, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Humans are constantly divided into three places, the heart wants a quality life, the mind looks for the best way to survive and the body remains in the present. This is one of the biggest problems humans have.

If we can align these three together, we become one with ourselves and the universe. We connect to our truth, to our higher power, whatever we want to achieve becomes effortless.

As our awareness expands, we will know ourselves better and better. We’ll easily let all our negativities go and carry ourselves around radiated with love, happiness, generosity and peace.

Before you go…

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